Signs That It Is Time to Prune Your Trees

Tree pruning is an important part of tree care and maintenance. There are numerous benefits to pruning trees, this process can:

  • encourage the growth of healthier leaves and branches
  • control the growth of overgrown tree parts
  • get rid of decayed and dead tree branches
  • prevent the spread of tree diseases
  • enhance the overall look and form of a tree
  • improve the air circulation in a tree
  • help make sure that various parts of the tree receive the sun exposure they need

Once you know the wonderful benefits of tree pruning, it could be really tempting to try and do the job yourself. After all, how hard could cutting off some tree branches be? You should just cut off the ones that don’t look good, right? Well, actually, no.

Tree pruning should only be done by arborists (tree specialists) because when done incorrectly, tree pruning can lead to tree diseases, tree deterioration, and tree death.

Your tree will show you signs that it is time to call arborists to prune them. Watch out for these signs:

Broken or dead tree branches – When you inspect your tree and see some branches or limbs broken and dead, it’s time to have your tree pruned. Not only are these branches ugly to look at, but they can also even cause accidents and damage to your property.

Uneven and excessive growth – Exuberant trees with an abundance of green leaves are truly a joy to look at. However, you have to look closely if the tree seems to be growing excessively in uneven directions. Overgrowth in trees can lead to imbalance.

Deep cracks in the trunk or barks – Cracks in your tree can be and an indication that your tree is calling for help. Most often than not, deep tree cracks are a sign that there are pests lurking in your tree or your tree is sick.

Tree Removal Before Pool Installation

When we hear tree removal, some of us immediately think that this procedure is only done for trees that have diseases or overgrown trees that need to be removed before a big storm. But there are also other situations that call for the removal of certain trees, such as lot clearing before construction of a commercial or residential structure.

Most of the time, tree removal is required before a building is constructed. This is because the foundation of a building may not be properly placed if there are nearby trees. Usually, the roots of these nearby trees get in the way of proper foundation building, and when this happens, the entire structure would be put at risk.

Aside from the construction of houses and commercial buildings, sometimes, trees need to be removed in preparation for the installation of an in-ground pool.

In installing an in-ground pool in your backyard, there are certain steps that should be taken, such as digging the ground where the pool would be placed. Tree roots are firmly planted on the ground and they continue to grow.

Because the tree roots grow continuously, it’s very possible for these roots to hit the pool if they continue growing. As a result, these nearby trees should be removed even before the pool is installed. But this doesn’t mean that all the trees in your lawn need to be removed. Ideally, only trees that are within 15 feet of the pool must be removed.

Only professional arborists should remove trees to ensure that the other plants and trees within the vicinity are not affected by the removal. Improper tree removal may result in the health of other trees being impacted in a negative way. Also, certified arborists can sometimes devise some ways they can prevent the roots of the other trees from hitting the in-ground pool in the future.  The top rated Tree removal service in South Surrey, BC is Tall Timber Tree Service.

Factors that Can Harm Trees

There are so many things to love about trees, they give us fresher air, keep us cooler with their shade, and make our home look even more beautiful.

Watering, pruning, and mulching our trees aren’t enough to keep them healthy. We have to protect them too. However, sometimes, we are hurting our trees unknowingly – leading to deterioration in the health of the tree, slow growth, or early tree death.

To be able to take care of our trees properly, we should be aware of the factors that could affect them in a negative way and avoid these factors at all costs.

One of the most common factors that cause significant damage to trees is overwatering. Sometimes we love our trees so much that we want to ensure that they are well-watered every day. Unfortunately, this could prove to be a costly mistake because most grown trees only need to be watered once a week. Watering more frequently than this can cause the roots to rot and the tree to die.

Overmulching is also another thing tree owners should avoid. Applying mulch to the ground around the tree will definitely keep the soil moist, which is good for the tree. But when you put too much mulch, it can hinder the soil to breathe and can cause excessive moisture retention which would lead to rotting roots.

DIY tree pruning is another thing that could harm trees. Arborists are there for a reason – their expertise and skill in handling trees. If you’re not particularly skilled in tree pruning, trimming, lopping, topping, or cutting, don’t do it. Improper tree maintenance can lead to accidental tree wounds that can result in various tree diseases. Hire a licensed arborist to maintain your tree.

If you plant other trees or plants too near to a young tree, it could lead to competition for water and other nutrients. Tree competition can cause your tree to die suddenly. Make sure that there is always enough space between your trees and plants when you plant them.

Is it Time to Have Your Tree Removed?

Having a tree on your garden brings many benefits. Trees simply make their surroundings more beautiful. Aside from improving your lawn’s overall appearance, trees can also make you healthier by giving off fresh air. In addition to this, studies show that trees can reduce stress – making the decision to plant one in your property truly beneficial for you.

Still, nothing can be perfect. In spite of all the great advantages you can gain from having a tree, there are some cases when the need for you to have your tree removed will arise.

These are some of the hints you should look out for that indicate you should have your tree removed. But although these are helpful signs, you should never attempt to cut down a tree if you are not used to the process. Get in touch with skilled arborists the minute you notice any of these signs in any of your trees:

Your tree begins to lean. While it’s true that some trees simply look like they’re leaning because of their natural form, you can never be too sure about it. If you believe that the tree has just started to lean in a weird way, it could be a sign that the tree is about to fall down anytime soon.

The leaves and branches of your trees are visibly dying. When the leaves of your tree turn yellow and begin to fall off so suddenly together with its branches, the tree could be dying. Call in an expert to inspect your tree.

Fungi start to grow at the base of your tree. When fungi, such as mushrooms, start to grow at the base or near the roots of your tree, it is usually a sign that the tree is decaying. If the cause of the decay is a tree disease, you need to call an arborist to deal with the problem right away to prevent the disease from spreading to another tree.