Signs That It Is Time to Prune Your Trees

Prune Your Trees

Tree pruning is an important part of tree care and maintenance. There are numerous benefits to pruning trees, this process can:

  • encourage the growth of healthier leaves and branches
  • control the growth of overgrown tree parts
  • get rid of decayed and dead tree branches
  • prevent the spread of tree diseases
  • enhance the overall look and form of a tree
  • improve the air circulation in a tree
  • help make sure that various parts of the tree receive the sun exposure they need

Once you know the wonderful benefits of tree pruning, it could be really tempting to try and do the job yourself. After all, how hard could cutting off some tree branches be? You should just cut off the ones that don’t look good, right? Well, actually, no.

Tree pruning should only be done by arborists (tree specialists) because when done incorrectly, tree pruning can lead to tree diseases, tree deterioration, and tree death.

Your tree will show you signs that it is time to call arborists to prune them. Watch out for these signs:

Broken or dead tree branches – When you inspect your tree and see some branches or limbs broken and dead, it’s time to have your tree pruned. Not only are these branches ugly to look at, but they can also even cause accidents and damage to your property.

Uneven and excessive growth – Exuberant trees with an abundance of green leaves are truly a joy to look at. However, you have to look closely if the tree seems to be growing excessively in uneven directions. Overgrowth in trees can lead to imbalance.

Deep cracks in the trunk or barks – Cracks in your tree can be and an indication that your tree is calling for help. Most often than not, deep tree cracks are a sign that there are pests lurking in your tree or your tree is sick.