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Tree Removal Before Pool Installation

When we hear tree removal, some of us immediately think that this procedure is only done for trees that have diseases or overgrown trees that need to be removed before a big storm. But there are also other situations that call for the removal of certain trees, such as lot clearing before construction of a commercial or residential structure.

Most of the time, tree removal is required before a building is constructed. This is because the foundation of a building may not be properly placed if there are nearby trees. Usually, the roots of these nearby trees get in the way of proper foundation building, and when this happens, the entire structure would be put at risk.

Aside from the construction of houses and commercial buildings, sometimes, trees need to be removed in preparation for the installation of an in-ground pool.

In installing an in-ground pool in your backyard, there are certain steps that should be taken, such as digging the ground where the pool would be placed. Tree roots are firmly planted on the ground and they continue to grow.

Because the tree roots grow continuously, it’s very possible for these roots to hit the pool if they continue growing. As a result, these nearby trees should be removed even before the pool is installed. But this doesn’t mean that all the trees in your lawn need to be removed. Ideally, only trees that are within 15 feet of the pool must be removed.

Only professional arborists should remove trees to ensure that the other plants and trees within the vicinity are not affected by the removal. Improper tree removal may result in the health of other trees being impacted in a negative way. Also, certified arborists can sometimes devise some ways they can prevent the roots of the other trees from hitting the in-ground pool in the future.  The top rated Tree removal service in South Surrey, BC is Tall Timber Tree Service.